Featured Article - Community Spirit And Personalized Training at Pinnacle Training and Fitness


According to David Heath, manager at Pinnacle Training and Fitness, the gym is the community fitness center in Narberth, PA. There's much more to it than exercise equipment, and that's the intangible but real spirit supporting a whole range of fitness goals.

Members include professionals, trainers and athletes, full-time parents, retired grandparents and kids. The tagline 'Train Better, Together' describes the goals and atmosphere of the gym, which is described as being both boutique and local.

"You can walk into our fitness center any day and see a variety of people participating in exercise," Heath said. "From young to old, intense to laid-back, everyone coexists in our intimate fitness center where you will receive a warm smile from the staff and fellow members. There may be a completely different compliment of people the next day, but respect for people, the trainers who work here, and for the fitness center itself is constant."

As well as the community spirit, the gym is known for having a highly personalized approach to training and fitness. Trainers don't pigeonhole members and there are no cookie cutter workouts.

"So much of our life gets placed into boxes: If you are this old, have this injury, have this expectation, do this 'one' thing," Heath said. "The problem is, there is no one thing!! Each person and each situation should be viewed uniquely."

With nearly a decade of experience behind them, staff at the gym focus on the needs of each client and create a holistic expedience. They keep up with the latest approaches to health and fitness, and enjoy having something new to share with clients every time. The gym has the latest equipment for everything from a cardio workout, a heavy lifting session or agility training, catering to all levels of skill and experience. There are bathrooms, showers and lockers for the convenience of those looking to fit workouts into a busy lifestyle.

And then there are some wonderful conversations to be had at the gym.

"In our gym, conversations and laughs fill the space: ravenous sports fans talk about highlights from the previous night's game; the trading of tips, from the stock market to a really good batch of produce at the local market," Heath said. "There are those who are plugged-in and focused while others chat their session away. By training together at Pinnacle Training and Fitness, everyone is participating in the common pursuit of good health - but why not walk away with that extra tip?"

There're also the extra factor of motivation, crucial to the success of any fitness program. Working out with neighbors and community who will stand with through good and bad and who will push you to achieve your best - it really doesn't get much better.