Balance, Yes We Can Have It All

Balance, that word that evades so many aspects of our lives and yet is so very important. We all want a healthy fit body, a happy life, and lots of success in work or at school. We sometimes overdo it in one part and then automatically another one feels the loss. We can’t hit the gym everyday and pump long hours while neglecting our other duties or needs. We can’t hit the buffet really hard or party hardy and expect to see fast results at the gym either. At Pinnacle Fitness we are all about balance.


Balanced Life

Balancing your gym time, your nutrition, and your sleep can sometimes be tricky. Life gets in the way, school gets demanding, and work gets hectic. It sometimes looks good on paper, but life has a tendency to shake things up even with your finest intentions well laid out. The best thing to do is to evaluate your time and your energy spent in each activity. You can’t hit the gym early morning if you have had little sleep and no breakfast. You can’t have a full productive workout at the end of the day if you ate trash food with empty calories all day. What you eat will determine the level of energy you have available for your workout and a well rested body will respond better to regular exercise. 


The Almighty Morning Meal

We have all heard this before, but having a nutritious breakfast every day can set the tone to your day. Pack your morning meal with high fiber foods and natural sugars to boost your metabolism and give it the energy it needs to dash through the day. Skipping meals, and especially breakfast, can be detrimental to your efforts at the gym. Here at Pinnacle Fitness Gym, we strive to give you the best results you can have in each workout. If your body is lacking essential nutrients and you are skipping meals because you want to lose weight, your muscular mass will feel the loss and not the actual fat that you want to rid yourself of. If your body is depleted in substance, it will feed off whatever it can, and that may mean your muscles. 


Catch Those ZZZ's

Another thing to balance in your life is sleep. We can’t stress enough the importance of proper sleep. Your body and mind simply cannot function properly without a restful night’s sleep. There is no magical formula here, people have many different sleep needs. You may feel completely rested with 6 hours, while others need a full 8 hours. As long as you make sleep important and manage your time accordingly, your mind and body will thank you. With the new school year right around the corner, it’s especially important to schedule your activities so as not to miss out on your essential ZZZs.



Try not to over schedule yourself and most important try to balance all the essentials without omitting anything. This may mean diminishing your workout times at the gym as you settle into your new school year or the challenging new work project. Speak with your trainer at Pinnacle Fitness Gym for some advice on how to keep your workouts effective, motivating and stimulating. 


Happy balanced life means happy effective workouts!