Now That the Kids Are Back in School

Summer is over, fall is well on its way, and the kids are back in school. This usually means more free time for the parents who probably spent the summer planning activities to keep the kids busy. Summer also usually means that parents don’t have as much time for themselves to do their own activities. Some hobbies get neglected and sometimes it’s the gym and fitness time that gets cut down to accommodate the kids’ free time. 

4 Super Summer Foods to Boost Your Energy

Summer is here and with it brings access to fresh and local produce. Who doesn’t love those fresh June strawberries grown right here in Pennsylvania!

We at Pinnacle Fitness take our health, and yours, very seriously. We love to take advantage of the summer months to eat locally grown fruits and vegetables. Some food items are considered superfoods and provide a great amount of vital nutrients to keep our minds and bodies healthy and energized.

Understanding the Keto Diet

Keto is short for ketogenic which means a strict low-carb dietary intake to minimize the sugars in the body. Eating a high carb diet means that your body produces high amounts of glucose and therefore insulin. Your body takes this sugar to transform it into energy that it needs to function. When the body takes sugars to produce energy, it doesn’t consume the fat and therefore stores it. 

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party'!

Yes, it’s finally here. With the receding of the cold and the snow, we begin to see life slowly emerge. The cold months will soon be behind us and the earth comes alive again, bringing blossoming flowers and all types of life forms. After all the cold months, we appreciate every little budding flower that makes its way past the hard earth and slowly starts to show its colors and fragrances.

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

2018 is here and with it (as every new year) brings new sets of goals and objectives to accomplish. It is very easy to make a long list of things that we want to change, add, or achieve in the upcoming months, but sticking to them can be at times quite challenging. Being unrealistic and setting too many resolutions in too many areas of your life can be more detrimental than beneficial.