Now That the Kids Are Back in School

Getting Back to The Gym 

Summer is over, fall is well on its way, and the kids are back in school. This usually means more free time for the parents who probably spent the summer planning activities to keep the kids busy. Summer also usually means that parents don’t have as much time for themselves to do their own activities. Some hobbies get neglected and sometimes it’s the gym and fitness time that gets cut down to accommodate the kids’ free time. 

Now it’s time to get back to the gym!

We know how difficult it is to get back into a fitness routine once you have slowed down or stopped completely. You may even be contemplating not going back to it at all. You may have gained a few pounds over the summer months and lost some strength by forsaking your gym time. Your motivation may be low and your energy levels also. 

If this is your case, don’t worry. We at Pinnacle Fitness are trained to get you back into a routine in no time. We take your lifestyle into consideration and create a workout and training schedule that you will easily stick to.

Start Slow

You don’t have to jump in head first and overexert yourself once you have that free time to go to the gym. Give yourself some time to ease back into it so as to avoid injuries and overexertion. The last thing you want at this time is to injure yourself and strain your body.

Start progressively and work your way up to a full workout in the course of several weeks. Listen to your body and train more and more as you get back into the rhythm of training.

Start Something New

Have you always wanted to try HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)? Boxing? Or maybe even power yoga? Whatever it is, this is an excellent time to try out a new type of workout. 

You have been busy with the kids all summer and now it’s time to get back into training regularly and maybe your motivation is lacking. Trying something new will give you the kick you need to get back into a fitness routine. 

You don’t have to commit to a new activity off the bat. Simply try it out at first and if you enjoy the new workout, incorporate it into your training schedule.

Create a Challenge 

Challenges can be fun and they certainly can keep you accountable. Create your own challenge or build it with your partner or a friend. Having a set list of activities to do will keep you more motivated to get to the fitness center for your workouts. Track your successes and see how much you improve over the course of the challenge.

Read here for a varied list of several challenges that you can choose from. Remember that you can always modify each challenge to fit your lifestyle and fitness level. 

Look into downloading a fitness app to track your progress and help keep you accountable. Many apps are available to purchase or download for free. 

Come to Pinnacle Fitness center to speak with one of our professional trainers who will advise you on the perfect challenge to undertake for you that will fit into your busy lifestyle.