Welcome to Pinnacle Training and Fitness! Our intimate, community fitness center is focused on each individual’s commitment to their own version of wellness. We offer individual and family memberships, personal training, pilates, corrective movement assessments, nutrition and weight loss consultation and with 15 personal trainers we have someone who can meet the individual needs of almost anyone. 

We have taken great pride in trying to create a no-drama, friendly and clean destination for people in our community. We are not a big box gym. We try to focus on providing all of the essential elements, equipment and expertise to provide each person with an environment conducive with their own growth instead of investing significant resources in trendy experiences that would distract from our overall goals. 

Because health and the approach to health is ever evolving, the staff at Pinnacle Training and Fitness tries to create an opportunity to share and teach something new each time we see our clients. We try to navigate life's challenges by creating a holistic experience in the fitness center to help people in the pursuit of good health.  We have been creating this experience at Pinnacle Training and Fitness for nearly a decade.

So much of our life gets placed into boxes: If you are this old, have this injury, have this expectation, do this "one" thing. The problem is, there is no one thing!! Each person and each situation should be viewed uniquely. Our approach to personal training and the programs we create for our clients are comprehensive and focused on the specific needs of each client.

Pinnacle is Narberth's community fitness center. You can walk into our fitness center any day and see a variety of people participating in exercise. From young to old, intense to laid-back, everyone coexists in our intimate fitness center where you will receive a warm smile from the staff and fellow members. There may be a completely different compliment of people the next day, but respect for people, the trainers who work here, and for the fitness center itself is constant. It is that compliment that makes Pinnacle a truly unique place.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by the diverse and wonderful people of Narberth and the surrounding towns. In our gym, conversations and laughs fill the space: ravenous sports fans talk about highlights from the previous night game; the trading of tips, from the stock market to a really good batch of produce at the local market. There are those who are plugged-in and focused while others chat their session away. By training together at Pinnacle Training and Fitness, everyone is participating in the common pursuit of good health.

We are hoping you chose Pinnacle Training and Fitness as your fitness center because we are in this together. Everyone has cardio equipment, machines and dumbbells. We know we can do some exceptional things with them, but it is our community and motivation that is exceptional. We are your neighbors- we share in the “goods” and the “bads" together. We are here to motivate you when you need a push and be there for you when you need us, for anything. We are family.


Our Trainers

Our trainers care about your success, and will stand by your side at every step to help you achieve your goals. Learn more about them, and contact them directly, below.


Dave Heath

Owner/Trainer, Assessment of Athletic Injury, Corrective Movement, Personal Training

Creating opportunity for accomplishment has been my primary motivating factor for almost 20 years as I have had the privilege of serving a diverse group of people from adolescent to those with lots of “life experience”. Rehabilitation from significant injuries while a collegiate athlete prompted me help others and honor those they gave me a second chance. Degrees from Ursinus College studying Exercise and Sports Science and a post-baccalaureate in Athletic Training from West Chester University, I have worked in high school and collegiate settings, the Temple University Health System and in private fitness for the past 9 years. While specializing in assessment of athletic injury and corrective movement analysis, personal training has allowed me to help people who have struggled with traditional training or rehabilitation when the 1 size fits all approach does not work. Individualized attention with measurable, tangible goals that are realistic is the key to continued growth. 

I look forward to working with anyone who has been told “I don’t know what I can do for you” or any variation thereof. Please contact me at sdheath1@verizon.net or 610-664-1003. In good health!

Jeff Prall

Jeff Prall

Certified Pilates Instructor

Jeff Prall really enjoys his job as a fully certified Pilates instructor.   As a retired professional dancer, he has been moving his whole life.  He has worked with a diverse range of client populations, and has over 12 years experience of teaching Pilates full time.

Visit him at www.centerspacephilly.com.

Text or Call: 267-879-8901


Omari Brooks

Omari Brooks

Personal Trainer

Specializing in functional movement training strength and conditioning weight loss and muscle building boxing.

Text or Call: 267-258-1738


Todd Parker.jpg

Todd Parker, M.A., M.S.

Personal Trainer & Sports Endurance Coach

Todd Parker is former Professional Triathlete, Elite Cyclist, Professor, Exercise Physiologist, Endurance Sports Coach, Personal Trainer, Author, Public Speaker, and Strength & Conditioning Specialist with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance. 

Visit him at www.toddparkertrainingprograms.com and www.facebook.com/CoachToddParker.


sarah pinnacle fitness

Sarah Sultan

Bloom from within

I am a private pilates teacher, movement educator, certified yoga instructor and lifestyle and wellness coach. I have over 3 decades of experience helping people of all shapes, sizes and ages, with a multitude of physical issues learn how to live and move with wisdom and ease.

My personal journey began as so many do, with trying to be "thin". Coming from a place of not liking myself, I evolved a holistic desire to take care of the only body I get to live in while on this planet.

My focus shifted from weights, running and dieting to pilates, yoga, mindfulness and healthful eating. My entry into this rich and fulfilling path came from a minor exercise-induced injury (sciatica), for which I am eternally grateful. In a way I never expected, it set me free. I am a trained social worker with my Masters of Social Science from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.

I am certified in all aspects of pilates teaching through The Physical mind Institute in New York City. My 200 hour yoga teacher certification is from Verge Mind and Body in Wayne, PA.

It is my goal to help you “clean out the weeds” and find the wisdom, breath, peace, and beauty that reside within you.


matt fala pinnacle fitness

Matt Fala

Matt is a personal trainer and weight loss specialist that is certified by the national academy of sports medicine. Matt has competed in powerlifting through RPS and has a rich background in athletics of all kinds; he has clients that range from high schoolers looking to improve their health all the way to seniors.


Michael F. Klevence,


Mike has been a Certified Personal Trainer for almost 20 years.  During this time, he has had the opportunity to work with all levels of fitness: from “newbie” to professional athlete and every level in between. He believes it is not about being the best we can ever be but being the person that we would like to be in the here and now.  Focusing on attainable, short-term goals helps us to stay motivated and focused on the vision we have for ourselves.  We all have those things that can be hurdles or roadblocks which can prevent us from reaching our goals.  With this in mind, Mike is currently studying to become a Certified Health Coach.  Health Coaching involves not only physical movement and nutrition, but performance psychology, motivation, goal-setting and autonomy to further assist clients to actively participate on their journey toward a healthier lifestyle.  Mike would welcome partnering with you on your own journey.  He can be reached by calling or texting 610-931-1559.  


Brian Nevison

Brian Nevison grew up in Bala Cynwyd, with a great passion for sports and exercise. In his time playing baseball, football, and ultimate frisbee, he developed a strong desire to help people and spread positivity as much as possible. Experiencing plenty of pain and injuries as an athlete, Brian was driven to constantly learn how he could best help himself and others physically. 

Brian received a B.S. in Kinesiology at Penn State University in 2011. He has 8 years of experience training individuals of all ages, groups, and sports teams. He is certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Speed & Agility Coach, and Mobility Specialist. Brian's passion lies in assessing and helping people improve their mobility, joint function, and performance, ultimately enhancing quality of life for everyone he contacts.

You can contact Brian for training below:

Phone: 215-605-2549
Email: brian.nevison@gmail.com
Website: smilestakeyoumiles.org
Instagram: b_nevison


Sandra Russow 

Recently retired from corporate life, I can now devote my time to personal training. Weight training brings special joy to me and I would like to share my enthusiasm with others. My goal is to enhance the well-being of my clients, empowering them with knowledge and skills to consistently workout, eat healthy and stay active. To bring each client’s fitness to a level that produces benefits for their lifestyle. It’s never too late to start weight training. As a cancer survivor of 31 years, I know the importance of a healthy body and a healthy outlook. There are 24 hours in a day. Dedicate one of them to becoming a stronger, better you.


  • ACE Certified Personal Training, ACE Functional Fitness and

  • ACE Senior Fitness

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

  • Volunteer with Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s patients

Contact for training: