Trendy Workouts for Busy People

So you are finally hitting the gym regularly or plan to do so very soon? There are a lot of options for you to consider when choosing a good workout routine. Working with a trainer will definitely help you to focus on what is important for you and your lifestyle. At Pinnacle Training and Fitness in Narberth, PA we care about making your workouts fun and personalized to your specific needs. We are always on the lookout for new and fun ways to keep you inspired and motivated. 

Workouts don’t need to be long and extenuating to be effective. Here are a few new workout trends that you may want to look into if you have a busy lifestyle and want a lot of bang for your time at the gym.


Body Weight Training

This training method is excellent because it can basically be done from anywhere. You don’t need any special equipment, only the weight of your own body to create resistance. This is a very efficient way to build strength and flexibility. You can use some of these exercises and combine them with cardio to burn fat quickly. The amount of resistance depends on the level of the movement. They can easily be modified for an added challenge at any time. We are all aware of the basic push up. This is a great example of body weight training, but there are a lot of newer movements now that you can experiment with at Pinnacle Training and Fitness. Our qualified trainers will review your needs and goals and create a perfect body weight training regimen for you.


Suspension Training

Just as Body Weight Training, the Suspension training or “TRX training” uses your body weight to create resistance and create highly effective workouts. This workout requires a portable cord like device that is fixed to a solid surface which you can use to do hundreds of different exercises. This training was created in the navy seals to keep the marines fit without expensive and bulky equipment. It is now a very trendy way to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core power. This workout can be done quick and you can raise the challenge level by adjusting your body weight to create more resistance.



High Intensity Interval Training is another great way to develop cardio strength and athletic ability. You sprint from short, high intensity cardio exercise followed by short recovery periods quickly. This routine can be very diverse and can usually be done in less than 30 minutes, making it an easy go to workout when in a rush.


Exercise Apps

Another very trendy way to help with workouts is to use apps. There are many apps on the market that you can download to your smartphone to help keep track of your workouts and also to suggest fitness activities. Some apps can track where the best running routes are and some can count calories and track your pace. At Pinnacle Training and Fitness, your trainer will adjust your workout with your app if you wish. Here is a list of some of the greatest apps out there now.


Pinnacle Training and Fitness was rated the best gym in Narberth, PA. so come by and check out our many different activities and programs. Come chat with a trainer and together you will decide on the best workout that suits your busy schedule, your needs and your goals. 

Happy Training!