Reasons Why Working Out in the Summer is Cool

Learn to Love Your Summer Fitness Activities

Summer is finally here, and with it brings hot and muggy days. You may feel your energy, and especially your motivation for staying active decreases because of the heat. It’s essential to remain active and to maintain a summer fitness plan in order to keep your fitness level at peak and to preserve the hard work you put in during the rest of the year well maintained. If you stop physical activity, even only for a few months, your body will slowly start to lose muscle mass and your energy levels will decrease even more. At Pinnacle Fitness, we love to help motivate our patrons to ensure summer fitness goals are met and kept.

Read on for some vital summer fitness tips for you to keep in mind during these blistering months.

Stay Cool

Look for cooler places to exercise. Running by a body of water, exercising in a tree filled park, or working out at air conditioned Pinnacle Fitness gym will make a huge impact on your endurance level. You may even find yourself seeking out great air conditioned facilities like at 632 Montgomery Ave, Narberth, PA on those regular days that you didn’t even schedule a workout.

Switch it up

Try changing the times of day you work out. If you usually work out during your lunch time, this may not be the best idea in the summer. Try switching up your schedule to include your workouts in the early morning or late day when the sun is not at its highest, consequently making the heat a little more bearable. Even if you work out in an air-conditioned gym like Pinnacle Fitness, you will definitely appreciate the cooler temperature outside in the early morning or late day when leaving the premises.

Dress Chill

The clothing you wear will hugely impact your cooling faculties and the heat that your body retains.

Look into purchasing breathable fabrics and wicking clothing. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable in lightweight clothing during your summer fitness activities if you dress accordingly.


Be Flexible

Shorten your regular workout or minimize your sets. Be more flexible with your workouts and listen to your body during the summer months. Keeping a regular fitness schedule is more important than being adamant on keeping a difficult set of goals. Not being flexible during the summer may impact your motivation level in a very disappointing way.



Drink lots of water and stay hydrated before and after your workouts. Ensure that your summer fitness exercises don’t leave you dehydrated, light headed and fatigued from lack of hydration.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


Partner up

If you find it especially difficult to find the motivation to hit the gym or do any kind of physical activity during the summer heat, try to find a workout buddy and head down to 632 Montgomery Ave, Narberth, PA where you will find that summer fitness exercises don’t have to be draining.

Be flexible and have fun in the sun! Come see us and become a part of our community.