Transitioning from Outdoor Play to The Gym

November rolls around and the cold starts nipping at your toes. The habitual morning run becomes a little more challenging and eventually even unbearable (or dangerous) for some of us. As much as you run and as fast as you run, you just can’t run from the minus gazillion degrees that are just around the corner. It happens every year.

Make a plan to slowly transition your outside workout to the gym.

Whatever physical activity that you enjoy participating in during spring and summer months will probably have to be put on hold for the chilly winter months. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop your running regimen when it gets too cold to run outside. The time will come when even the warmest of clothes and outdoor equipment will not be enough to keep you comfortable.

Time to bring it to the gym!


One thing that can be good about taking your outside play to the gym is that you won’t have to take into account the time of day like in the summer when you have to stay out of the heat. Going to the gym, you can go whenever you want or whenever you have the time during your busy day. In the summer months, it is recommended to jog in the early mornings in order to prevent overheating. This is no longer the case when you are running at the gym on the treadmill. You can even have that lunch-hour jog in the middle of the day!

New Routine

This is also a great time to switch up your routine and try new activities that you normally wouldn’t. You will be spending more time in the gym, so why not take advantage of all the various things that your gym offers. At Pinnacle Fitness Gym, you can talk to your trainer who will suggest some great activities for you to do to replace your summer outside play.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Keeping active in the winter months is essential in order to keep your fitness goals intact. We know that the cold months often bring on a sense of wanting to hibernate. When the days get shorter and colder, we start to think that maybe those bears are actually onto something. But no, we aren’t bears and we can’t go to sleep for four months. The more you stay active, the more energy you will have to get through these winter months. There are plenty of varied activities for you at Pinnacle Fitness Gym.

Come in and talk with us so we can activate a program for you that suits all your needs.

Have Fun!

Try to put more fun into your workout at the gym this winter. If you are used to having a strict routine and always use the same tracks on your music player, why not try to put some tropical music that inspires and reminds you that summer is not that far away. Right around the corner!

Cover up, keep warm, and happy exercising!